Loa hội nghị Yamha PJP-50 USB Conference Speakerphone

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External interfacesUSB 2.0 Full-Speed, analog audio input/output - 1 each (stereo mini-jacks) AC adapter connector (DC-12 VIN): Accessory AC power adapter
Maximum power consumption9.0 W or less
Power consumption in idle status4.7 W
Radio interference standardVCCI-class B
Operating environmentOperating temperature: 0-40°C, operating humidity: 20-85% (no condensation)
Weight1.4 kg (excl. power adapter)
Dimensions283 (W) × 52 (H) × 298 (D) mm
Power supply100 to 240 V AC(50/60Hz)
System environmentWindows® 8.1 (64bit/32bit), Windows® 8 (64bit/32bit), Windows® 7 (64bit/32bit), Windows® Vista SP1 or higher (32bit), Windows® XP SP2 or higher (32bit), Windows® 2000 SP4 Macintosh® OS 10.5 (with Intel® processor only)
OptionsFirmware revision upgrade (transferred from PC via USB)
AccessoriesAC adapter, power cable, USB cable (2 m), CD-ROM, owner's manual


Microphones8 microphones, microphone auto tracking function
Speakers4 speakers, mono playback, volume: 85 dB
Frequency range300-20,000 Hz
Signal processingAdaptive echo canceller, noise reduction, microphone array control


PJP-50USB can be daisy-chained up to 4 units via audio cables. Total of 16 speakers and 32 microphones will pick each of the whispers up while playing every murmur back, loud and clear for all. By connecting the Master unit to a PC via USB, and the chained units via audio in/out, VOL and MUTE of all the chained units will be interlocked.

*Power supply necessary for all daisy-chained PJP-50USB units.

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